There are 4 airports in Moscow - Sheremetjevo (SVO) - 20 miles from the city center , Domodedovo (DME) - 50 miles to the South from Moscow, Bykovo (BKA) - 30 miles to the South-West from Moscow, Vnukovo (VKO) about 40 miles to the South-West from Moscow.

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   Sheremetyevo International Airport is introduced a new international literal (Latin) system of terminal identification instead of the numerical one.
The decision has been taken to put in order the identification of terminals in connection with the commissioning of new airport facilities and future airport development.

• Thus, the terminal Sheremetyevo 2 from 25 December, 2009, will be officially called Terminal F (SVO-F). It is expected that the new Terminal Е (SVO-Е) will be put into operation in the beginning of 2010.

• The passenger terminal Sheremetyevo 3 has already been awarded the name of Terminal D (SVO-D). Terminal С (SVO-С) will retain its name.

•   The name of the terminal Sheremetyevo 1 will be changed to Terminal В (SVO-B) by the beginning of the 2010 summer season.

For passengers to be able to easily use the new system of terminal identification, the Sheremetyevo Airport jointly with its partners will set additional signs of access to passenger complexes and replace signs on terminals and the navigation system inside the airport.

Sheremetyevo’s business partners are being notified of the introduction of the new terminal identification to make changes in documents and navigation systems and create a comfortable environment for customer service.

Passengers may contact the Call Center of the Sheremetyevo Airport to ask any questions in connection with the change of the terminal names at the telephone +7 (495) 232-65-65.

A scheme of the terminals including the new names is available at the airport website The new names of the passenger terminals in the Sheremetyevo International Airport have been published by the SISC IATA.

Please note that in the southern sector of the Sheremetyevo International Airport (Sheremetyevo 2 area), three terminals (D, E and F) will be connected with passage galleries into a terminal complex. It is planned to join the clean zone to the pre-registration zone so that passengers could freely and comfortably move between these facilities.

The joint complex will be able to receive up to 25 million passengers annually and will become an efficient venue for the business of leading international air alliances and airlines. In the future, the new Terminals A (for business aviation) and B (in the place of Sheremetyevo 1) connected to Terminal C will be built in the northern sector of the airport. Ultimately, after the northern part of the airport is reconstructed, it will become a largest airport complex coupling international and domestic lines, with a capacity to receive 40 million passengers annually


   The oldest and largest airport in Moscow. Serves mainly for domestic flights and international charter flights. Located rather far - about 50 miles to the South of Moscow. Again, the cheapest way to get there is by bus (around 2-3 dollars per person). Estimated time - 1.5 hours by bus (in rush hours may take up to 3 hours) from downtown Moscow - "Centralny Aerovokzal" ("Aeroport" metro station, then two stops by trolleybus or tram), or 35 minutes from "Domodedovskaya" metro station. You can also take a train from "Paveletskiy Vokzal" (train station) at "Paveletskaya" metro station. Usual charges for a taxi is US$ 60 to US$80 from downtown Moscow and up to US$ 100 from Sheremetjevo-2 International airport.


   Another domestic flights airport. To get there you may use an express-bus from "Yugo-Zapadnaya" metro station (approx. 50 minutes ride). Transfer from Sheremetjevo to Vnukovo airport by taxi is usually about US$100. Again, if you don't have much baggage it is advisable to ride a bus from the central terminal (Tsentralny Aerovoksal, "Aeroport" metro station).


   Another domestic flights airport. About 50 minutes drive from Sheremetjevo. Buses from central terminal ("Aeroport" metro station) run every hour, estimated travel time - 1 hour. Buses from "Vykhino" metro station run every 25 minutes. .

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